Welcome to varsana

Thank you for joining our volunteer program, we hope you enjoy your time with us, we will do our best to make your experience at Varsana the best of all.

Varsana is a community in which a spiritual process called “Bhakti Yoga” is practiced based on the philosophical principles of Vedic culture, committed to the protection of mother earth and different ecological projects for sustainable life.

The volunteer program does not intend to direct volunteers towards our faith, it is a space to share experiences about caring for nature and the well-being of being. In Varsana, you can also find wisdom from the ancient cultures of India, Yoga Inbound meditation, natural medicine and conscious art that focus on the development of universal love with the aim of becoming guardians of the earth. If some of you want to know or integrate with any of our meditation practices, philosophical study, you are cordially invited to join.

[[IMPORTANT INFORMATION]] You will get breakfast, lunch and dinner in our ecovillage, and for that we request a contribution of USD 8 per day, to help us keep all meals included.

Basic rules:

1. The work of the volunteer is governed by law 720 on voluntary action, without remuneration.

2. This place is a Yoga Monastery where you should not: consume meat or eggs, do not drink alcohol or consume drugs or have extramarital affairs.

3. The volunteer must be responsible for their belongings, Varsana is a country place and will not be responsible for the loss of objects.

4. The volunteer must be responsible for their health, have EPS personal insurance or accident insurance, as well as medications, diets and special treatments. Law 100 1993 on health; however the eco village will collaborate as much as possible